Typography Rules For Good Web Typography Design

1. Hierarchy shows the Path

An executed hierarchy is necessary for each website because it helps the users to move throughout intuitively. Additionally, the type hierarchy is a visual aid for the users to tell them what to search and things to avoid also how to proceed further. However, in order to make it clear and logical, you need to plan it in advance, starting from outlining the titles and headlines.

The hierarchical order in your text doesn’t guarantee that users will rely on it but it will guide them. It should be applied to other elements of design too.

2. Importance of Alignment

Proper alignment guides the human eye towards specific information and generally people opt for centered items and read them first. Designers, however, do some side magic and choose unusual locations for images and texts. Alignment matters in both.

3. Utilize Micro & Macro Typography

Macro-typography means general structure of the types used and how they fit with the rest of your design. It aims at an aesthetic feature for whole website and single text block.

Whereas, micro typography deals with spacing details as it enables readability. Consider this for connecting various text blocks and convert them into a readable unit and use both as avoiding one would have a detrimental effect on the final product.

4. Size

The content should be attractive and catch both in order to pull the audience. To get caught up with is the adjustment of size, in terms of titles and promotional messages. Every sentence that gets missed by the visitors is an opportunity, so utilize it.

5. Make it Unique Using Colors

Colors are emotional stimuli and its exact effect can’t be predicted. There is no guarantee that a bold red color will grab the attention or a green headline will induce a positive output. Same is the case with text. However, you can follow good practices in the design to make it more readable.

For e.g. black and white is a classic mix because it brings together two different tints. The same principle with a bit of modification palette like blue or pink will give a same but powerful effect.

6. Enjoy your Work

There is nothing more peaceful than a positive outcome if you really wanted to achieve it. Look for the solutions and analyze the websites having good typography. Experiment with your ideas and try to match it with the work. Walk in the shoes of your reader and think about the ways in which they will perceive the content. Do not avoid the information and advice and keep improving your work.

7. Usability is Priority

If you still have the most original, creative or impressive design, it won’t be enough if visitors cannot read it. In typography, readability is same as usability which controls a large portion of the website’s efficient operation.


Now if you know about how crucial typography is, don’t spend time choosing the font and search for typefaces which support your style and brand. Learn from graphic designers especially when they understand it is the bridge which connects aesthetic feature with function. This balance is the key to being dependent upon for the success of a design.

If you are looking to perfect your typography for the betterment of website design or any other aspect, keep the functionality and look in mind.

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